Products of the farm

Our products are diversified but complementary in order to promote the best environmental and economic balance, limiting the use of supplemental products (pesticides etc.).

We value diversity of farming to promote biodiversity and limit the use of pesticides. Indeed, crop rotation can limit the appearance of bad weeds and other diseases. Legumes (peas, beans and alfalfa ) cause the assimilation of nitrogen that then serve as food for Normande beef.

Raising Normande beef.
In our eyes, animals are essential to the farm life, as they maintain meadows in wetlands, they participate in the natural cycle of the farm. We chose to develop this rustic race, having undeniable gastronomic qualities. The calves are born on the farm and are bred by the mother cow before joining our specific beef cider segment.

Cider production and organic farming.
Cider production, the national drink of Normandy, is very important to us to develop the regional apples used for cider making. Our production is completely natural with no added sulfur or yeast. Three ranges of cider are available, from extra-brut to demi-sec, to accompany any dish from seafood to traditional crêpes pancakes or camembert cheese of course!



François- Xavier Craquelin

Hameau des Coudreaux


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