Le boeuf cidré

Beef and cider, a natural combination.

In some rural areas of the Caux country, some old people still remember an old tradition of giving cider to beef prepared for Easter. Still today, cider apples and apple pomace are sometimes part of the diet of Normande beef.
Finally, it is not too difficult to pass from beef to cider. Considering the remarkable quality of the Kobe beef, why don’t we give cider to beef rather than beer? As the composition of both is close enough, cider can act as a substitute of the latter in the beef’s diet, especially in the final months of breeding.
Some studies have shown that alcohol distributed at a reasonable dose, renders the meat more tender... but this our older generation knows since a long time!

An exceptional product
Normande meat is famous for its exquisite appearance and pronounced taste .
The addition of cider allows for better fat distribution and tenderness without comparison. The color, texture and taste make it an exceptional product.
The care and attention brought to the breeding of these animals does not allow us to produce large quantities of cider beef, while braised parts, such as sirloin or filets, are rare parts of cider beef and quite sought after.






Our commitments

  • Normande traditional beef, bread on the farm in perfect conditions


  • A healthy and balanced diet, without GMO corn and soy, cconsisting essentially of grass, alfalfa and protein from the farm


  • The final months of breeding are completed with cider, the total amount given to each animal reaches 1500 litres. This additional cost in manufacturing justifies its higher price






Four essential ingredients



  • Traditional farming

Our farm, located in the heart of Caux valley and the river Seine, has always privileged the traditional “savoir-faire” rather than intensive cattle production.


The preservation of our environment, simplified crop management, sustainable animal breeding in grasslands are the foundation of our business.

  • A healthy diet

Our Beef is grass fed for seven months of the year during the summer and gets a winter diet based on alfalfa, peas or beans, while all products originate from our farm. We guarantee GMO-free food.

  • Relaxed animals

We have given particular attention to animal wellbeing, which is the guarantee of sustainable farming. Similar to Kobe beef, we needed to establish the best breeding conditions for our cider beef: massage brushes and classical music have been installed to relax the animals.

  • Traditional cider for final breeding

Towards the end of breeding and for at least 4 months, the animals are fed with additional cider in their diet, gradually reaching 15 liters per day. Quickly, our beef appreciates this sweet and slightly alcoholic beverage. The Cider given to the animals is produced in our Farm and meets the specification "AB", while it is also marketed and sold under the brand " Le P'tit Clos Normand ".



François- Xavier Craquelin

Hameau des Coudreaux




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